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(Behaviour Neurology) What is wrong with my brain if its not

Customer Question

(Behaviour Neurology) What is wrong with my brain if it's not an issue of low IQ?

I'm a 24 year old male who struggles massively both in daily life and in the work environment. I see a psychologist regularly and her diagnosis for me is 'social anxiety disorder' and she administered an IQ test which I scored 92 when tired, which she considers enough evidence to suggest the issue is not intelligence but I am not convinced. She has threatened to cut the service if I won't accept her view that its a psychological disorder. I feel there are issues with my cognition that cannot be justified by social anxiety:

I've always been in the bottom classes throughout schooling and my dad nearly disowned me for not being able to read the word 'the' at 5-7 years old. He punched me heavily in the head several times and I was taken to get a brain scan and the doctor reluctantly told me things looked okay. Throughout school I learned through a process of repetition but somehow managed BBB at A-level in Business, French, ICT. Now, at 24, I think I have forgotten everything I learned from back in school, including the french language. I can't commit anything to memory for any length of time. I think very slowly and my train of thought is often interrupted. It takes a few seconds to get back on track at times. I always feel tired and it takes me several hours to wake up. I scored highly in verbal reasoning on the IQ test but I cannot express myself vocally. I think its these problems which are causing the social anxiety. When I am around others, even my family, they talk about things and nothing comes to mind. They complain that I ask a lot of stupid questions and most end up disliking me.

What I really want to know is if I am wasting my time with psychology and whether I am likely brain damaged or have a neurological condition. And whether the issues I experience with cognition can be improved upon or not?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Neurology