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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, Neurologist (MD)
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I do not agree with a neurologists opinion about my whiplash

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I do not agree with a neurologists opinion about my whiplash injury after a car accident, the symptoms I have were definately not there before. I accept I have soft tissue injury that causes numbness sensations in the left side of my face. However the neurologist states the accident is not the cause. How can I dispute his opinion please. I genuinely have these symptoms I don't tell lies and that an orthopaedic expert, GP and phisiopharapist have all agreed the symptoms are due to the car accident. Thanks.

Dr. Bob :

Hello. When was your accident? Have you had an MRI of your head and neck?

Dr. Bob :

Are you there?

Customer: Hi
Customer: hi the accident was 12/12/2011 the MRI was dec 13 that showed no spinal injury I accept that and that I only have soft tissue injury but he states the numbness in my ear and side of my face is not due to that. I want to dispute this as I am telling the truth thanks
Dr. Bob :

If you did not have these symptoms before the accident, and they came on within a few days of the accident, they are almost certainly connected to it in one way or another.

Dr. Bob :

Did you also have an MRI of the brain? The nerves from the front of the ear and the side of the face go into the brainstem. If there were an injury to the brainstem it would require an MRI of the brain to see.

Customer: The MRI was the neck and head yes. I feel the point of injury is at the base of the skull on the left side of the spine as I can press that area between the skull and the neck and it will change my symptoms and alter the numbness. The neurologist is gordon mazibrada from the queen Elizabeth hospital Birmingham thanks
Dr. Bob :

I think you have hit the nail right on the head. This area you describe is where the nerves to the side of the neck and head come off. This is a very common area for damage in a whiplash type injury.

Dr. Bob :

The irritation from these nerves can spread to the trigeminal nerve which supplies the face.

Dr. Bob :

So one can get pain or dysesthesias (numbness, tingling, warmth, crawling insect sensation, etc)

Customer: Thank you I have repeatedly told them this since the accident and even now as I use my arm move my head I can increase the numbness or tingling.
Dr. Bob :

See if you can get an injection to calm down the nerves in this region.

Customer: My my injury came about by being thrown forward then back hitting the headrest as my vehicle was stationary and it was a rear collision.
Dr. Bob :

That is a classic description of whiplash injury, and this is a common complication. A neurologist can inject a numbing agent into where the nerves come out from the spine to temporarily deaden them.

Customer: My solicitors are asking me to provide evidence to dispute this opinion so I want to know what the cost would be to engage a private neurologist thanks
Dr. Bob :

If this works, he can then inject something to ablate the nerve for a longer period. This would help to confirm that the symptoms are coming from this area.

Customer: Thank you
Dr. Bob :

A private neurologist would likely charge $200-$300 for a thorough evaluation.

Dr. Bob :

You're welcome. Hope all works out for the best for you.

Customer: thank you I also have a personal claim with the solicitors therefore I wanted to dispute this can I do this please
Customer: Thanks for your help
Dr. Bob :

You're very welcome. God bless you, and best of luck with your claim.

Customer: Thanks
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