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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, Neurologist (MD)
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I had surgery to remove a miningioma from around my carotid

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I had surgery to remove a miningioma from around my carotid artery. It was only partially successful and I subsequently had stereotactic radiological treatment to remove the internal portion.
Since then I have suffered increasing episodes of hot sweats in my head and neck and occasionally have seizure like episodes but with no long standing after effects.
I have seen stroke and epilepsy consultants and recently, in a desperate attempt to get an answer, agreed to see a psychologist dealing with medically unexplained symptoms despite having no other relevant symptoms associated with pseudo seizures.
I am told by my neurosurgeon that the latest scans show no changes to be concerned of but, having obtained copies of the scan reports, am now aware that there remains "an enhancing residium,a tongue of tumour in the carotid, several areas of high signal, tapering of a vessel, dural thickening and still some involvement with the likelihood of residual/recurrent disease" in addition to wasting of the frontal lobe attributed to radiotherapy and excision malacia from my initial craniotomy.
Are these not sufficient physical signs which could explain my ongoing symptoms which are currently being ignored?
Dr. Bob :

Given the location of your meningioma, the surgery, and the residual disease, this could explain your unusual symptoms,yes.

Dr. Bob :

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