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Dear Doctor, for the past year Ive been suffering from

Customer Question

Dear Doctor,
for the past year I've been suffering from seemingly unexplainable symptoms, which have been getting progressively worse. I've been through a series of medical examinations which didn't find anything. My doctors are clueless and I am desperate. I hope you may have some suggestions.
1) persistent unbearable fatigue: worst in the morning and afternoon, worse after eating a meal and standing up and drinking coffee. Better after lying down with legs up and after stretching the neck and after drinking alcohol. Better at 9pm. Otherwise the fatigue prevents me from doing most normal daily things. I can barely sit and watch videos eat and use the toilet. I can't do any work whatsoever. When sitting I fall asleep during the day.
2) resting and intention tremor (when rotating wrists)
3) sluggish memory, fairly frequent memory lapses (forgetting my friends' names, correct words in sentences).
4) clumsiness - when pressing buttons on computer or microwave I often miss the button; when opening drawers or doors I grasp air instead of the handle, etc.
5) eye coordination problems - when reading my eyes jump over words causing me to misread words for something else or just omit words.
7) cognitive difficulty - with mental arithmetics, planning; often mispronouncing words or using different words than appropriate in the sentence, speech difficulty
8) post-void urinary dribbling, frequent defecation
9) 'temporal seizures/ derealisation episodes' (not proven but suggested by my neurologist): flashes of past memory, like dreams while awake, euphoria turning into nausea, extreme tiredness afterwards
10) pain in neck, muscle cramps and stiffness in the neck and TMJ area. (I've had orthodontic treatment for the past 2.5 years correcting underbite). Slightly dislocated coccyx.
11) pain and pressure behind the eyes, urge to blink often
1) MRI scan of the brain: clean
2) thyroid function, liver function, serum electrolytes, vitamin B12, kidney function - clean
3) glucose blood test - clean
4) Lyme disease - clean
5) gluten intolerance - clean
6) full blood count - clean
7) EEG - clean
8) urine microscopy - clean
9) psychiatrist - clean except worry about my health
10) NO hypotension or orthostatic hypotension
11) sleep study - clean (no hypoxia or sleep apnea)
12) no papilledema, no nystagmus
13) plantar response flexion, negative Romberg
14) symmetrical reflexes
15) no family history of any disease, no childhood history, no epilepsy, no drugs ever taken
16) Serum C reactive protein level
Serum vitamin B12
Serum ACE level
Serum folate
Complement C3
Complement C4
erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Could all of this be caused by anxiety disorder/ depression?
What all tests would you recommend to rule out all possible underlying neurological conditions?
3) What's the most probable condition I'm suffering from?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 3 years ago.
Hello there, you have a very complicated question.
Its very reassuring that your testing has all been negative. That strongly points to the idea that there is nothing seriously wrong and that the symptoms are NOT related.
1. Some of your symptoms may be related to anxiety and depression. Others are not.
2. You do not need further testing, you have had sufficient testing.
3. A likely diagnosis is somatization syndrome or somatiform disorder. You can read a lot on it online
Your best bet is a therapist that does coognitive behavioural therapy and can help you learn new and productive ways of coping and getting your life back Good luck.