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Hi there, I am waiting to see a neurologist and it's about

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Hi there, I am waiting to see a neurologist and it's about a three month wait. Please could you advise. Just over a year ago I experienced symptoms of pain in my joints, tingling, numbness and pins and needles in my arms and legs mostly one sided and extreme exhaustion/weakness, blurred vision in my right eye and nausea. This went away after a few weeks but has now returned with disturbed sleep, overheating feeling with my back/spine feeling extremely hot and myself sweating day and night intermittently. I work full time and am struggling. If I do anything physical such as a small amount of gardening, walking etc I pay for it over the following days with exhaustion, having to stay in bed, pain in my joints etc. This has been going on for nearly a month and I am considering giving up work. I am female, 53 years old, post menopausal. I have had a CT scan of my brain which appeared clear two weeks ago.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 3 years ago.
This is Dr. David

I am sorry you are having these symptoms.

with menopause, you have declines of your body's estrogen levels and this can cause worse joint pain and hot flashes and fatigue and sweats and lower energy and lack of sex drive

some women don't do very well after menopause

you should talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy to give your body the estrogen it is use to now that your ovaries are not making estrogen anymore

with hormone replacement therapy, it could help your joint pain symptoms and fatigue and hot flash symptoms

your doctor may be willing to put you on hormone replacement therapy which can help your heart and your bones and joints

you can read more here

let me know if you have questions.