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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, Neurologist (MD)
Category: Neurology
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Been having headaches, more or less constant, or 5 weeks.

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Been having headaches, more or less constant, or*****did a neurological exam and all ok. Started feeling nauseous although no actually sick. Been and had my eyes tested, optician used the camera to do a 2d and 3d into the back of my eyes. If a tumour was present would that have shown up as pressure. Sorry to keep asking the same question. Doctor stated booked me in MRI . Thanks
Dr. Bob :

Are you having any sinus pressure, pain or discharge?

Customer: no
Customer: Sometimes get pain in the bone behind my ear
Dr. Bob :

What part of the head is affected by your headaches? Do they come and go? Are they generally worse in the AM or PM?

Customer: Top and sides some sharp some dull. Probably worse PM. I also keep spiking a temp around 38c
Customer: Pain fairly constant, sometimes worse than other
Dr. Bob :

The normal CT is reassuring. However, it would not show a cause such as migraines, which are extremely common and often involve the vertex and temples. They may come on or months at a time, can involve nausea and other neurological symptoms that resemble a stroke.

Customer: I haven't had a CT scan just a test at the optician. I also thought migraine was very severe this is mild to moderate
Customer: Get quite a few hot sweats but past the menopause
Dr. Bob :

The normal neuro exam is reassuring. :-)

Dr. Bob :

Migraines are a spectrum disorder. Many are so mild they do not come to medical attention.

Dr. Bob :

They can be hormonal

Dr. Bob :

Have you had basic blood tests and hormone levels checked?

Customer: Sorry just one more question. Would the digital retina camera show up pressure behind the eye if there was a tumour present.i
Customer: Also no meds seem
Customer: Also no meds seem to help apart from amitriptyline nocte 75mgs
Customer: No blood test
Dr. Bob :

Increased intracranial pressure in the brain typically results in what is called "papilledema"which can be seen on examination of the retina and fundus.

Dr. Bob :

Whoever examined your eyes should have looked . If they missed it, it still should have been seen on the retinal pictures.

Customer: The optician was aware of my headaches and stated he could see no reason , so he would have been aware what he was looking for. Thank you , feel more reassured. I will say good night as it is past midnight
Dr. Bob :

Happy to help. Thanks question and support. Follow up anytime.

Dr. Bob :

Good night.

Customer: I
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