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3 months ago someone dropped a cast iron drainpipe on my husbands

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3 months ago someone dropped a cast iron drainpipe on my husbands head from a high scaffolding, he went to A & E who did a scan and said all was ok, 48 hours later I took him back and they did another scan and still said it was ok, now he has severe headaches all the time, can't stand without falling off balance, can't walk in a straight line, falls off balance while walking and as he walks his head hurts more, his memory has been affected and finds it difficult to hold a conversation because he becomes confused. He is waiting for an appointment with a neurosurgeon but I'm concerned they will just say they can't find anything again.
Hello. A normal CT scan in this kind of situation is very reassuring, but not definitive.
It sounds as if he suffered a pretty severe concussion and is now suffering from post-concussive syndrome.
This can be very debilitating, and requires prompt evaluation by a physical medicine and rehab specialist (e.g. a physiatrist) and therapy with trained physical and occupational and speech therapists (to evaluate cognitive problems).
In addition, he probably should have an MRI to further evaluate the brain (in greater detail than the CT) and to rule out small bleeds, brain bruising, or a delayed bleed. If this is not possible, prompt consultation with a neurologist would be advised.
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