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I was wondering whether you can help. Yesterday I was hit

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Hi I was wondering whether you can help. Yesterday I was hit by a falling branch on my head. It was long, but only an inch and half thick. Apart from the initial pain, and a mild headache, I have had no other symptoms. It has been 24 hours after the incident, I still have no symptoms. I suffer from health anxiety and I am worried that an internal bleed may occur after a 24 hour period. Is this possible, or am I being paranoid
The skull is well designed to protect your brain against this type of injury. When serious, there is usually damage to the scalp first, with bleeding, bruising, pain, etc. In more severe cases there may also be a loss of consciousness, signaling a concussion and possible internal bleed. When this happens there is typically a pretty bad headache does not go away with conventional pain killers, and there may be problems with vision, balance, swallowing, speech, etc.
In the absence of such symptoms, the chances of an internal bleed are very small. Occasionally, a bleed is delayed for a few days, or even a week, so you would need to stay aware of any new symptoms and see your doctor right away if something like the above developed.
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