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I have been diagnosed with truncal ataxia, Ct scans mri bloods

Customer Question

I have been diagnosed with truncal ataxia, Ct scans mri bloods have shown no abnormality at all. I have a history of Ent problems especially vertigo and complaining of falling over for many years and hearing loss. Tinnitus. I was originally diagnosed with Meuniere Disease.Last year the balance got much worse and I now have to use a rollator in house and a wheelchair outside. Every movement takes a lot of energy and concentration. I am 66 years old. The neurologist has searched for cancers in body and conducted nerve conduction tests. All are normal. My eldest sister had supra nuclear palsy and eventually died as a result of the falls. I also have spine compression 6/7 vertabrae. Neurosurgeon said he would operate if my condition had deteriorated but said did not think it would help the ataxia but neurologist now tells me this has healed by looking at ct scan. I find this strange because before when I went privately he sent all scans away to be read at Southampton by someone else. My GP diagnosed Wenicke korsakoff a disease caused by alchohol abuse but has now said I have not got. I certainly present to him with the symptoms last year. ALL PEOPLE who have been into contact with people suffering from this disease have said I not showing or presenting with any of symptoms. From my research on line should i have presented with this he should have given thiamine infusions and alerted mental health team. He did not. Just sent me home with list to buy rollator, neck collar, recliner etc. My neurologist is now saying it is Wernickes or maybe genetic and to see him 9 months. I'm confused and not happy. Would it be worth getting a second opinion and who from. ENT Geneticist or another neurologist. I am prepared to fund outside of the NHS. And should I go ahead with cervical repair operation if it is offered
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.

This is Dr. David

was your MRI scan of the brain and spine with IV gadolinium contrast?

you need a spinal tap as well.

have you had a spinal tap?

yes, it is worth getting a second opinion from another neurologist