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Have pins and needles pain and cold feelings in feet also toes

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Have pins and needles pain and cold feelings in feet also toes are stiff have had this fir more than 10 yrs or more saw a neurogist 8 yrs ago no nerve damage have had circulation checked and is ok i have high blood pressure but its under control with lorsartan pottasium also had xrays and seen a rheumotoligist no signs of arthritis found suffer from gout though
Hi there. Pins and needles sensation, as well as coldness in the limbs, often indicate a peripheral neuropathy. There are many possible causes of this, diabetes being the most common. What you can do is get nerve conduction tests done (NCV/EMG). Even if this were done 8 yrs ago it would be time to do them again to see what has emerged or worsened over time. In addition, if the nerve conduction tests are normal, you might need a nerve biopsy to find out more information about what is causing your symptoms. In the meantime, you could talk to your doctor or a neurologist about starting on a nerve-stabilizing medication such as gabapentin or pregabalin. These can be highly effective at controlling pain, tingling, cold sensations etc.
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