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I have been told I have colstone and waiting a opperation

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I have been told I have colstone and waiting a opperation but I keep having so much pain but I take pain killers but It keeps on for around 4 hours and sometimes longer Can I do anything about it
I am sorry to hear about your pain issues with Gall Bladder Stones.I hope that you can get the surgery done soon, since that is the proper treatment for GB stones.In the meanwhile you can try taking a prescription pain medicine for the same. I would recommend talking to your doctor for the same, since over the counter medicines are not likely to work here are some things that you can do in the meantime:intake of only clear liquids to give the gallbladder a rest,avoid fatty or greasy meals, andtake acetaminophen (Tylenol, etc.) for pain.Abdominal pain with vomiting, fever, or jaundice warrants an immediate visit to a doctor's office or a hospital emergency departmentFinally, If your gallstones are small and don't contain calcium, it may be possible to take ursodeoxycholic acid tablets to dissolve them.However, these aren't prescribed very often because:they're rarely very effectivethey need to be taken for a long time (up to two years)gallstones can recur once treatment is stoppedSide effects of ursodeoxycholic acid are uncommon and are usually mild. You can talk about this treatment option with your doctor as well.Warm regards
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