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The last few days I've been dizzy a lot, especially towards

Customer Question

The last few days I've been dizzy a lot, especially towards the evening as it gets dark, also when I close my eyes whilst standing (ie. in the shower), and have had problems adjusting to changing surface (ie. I was in a shop and the floor was not straight,
it went slightly up and then slightly down throughout the length of the shop and I really struggled to keep my balance and it felt like my brain couldn't adjust to the changes, same goes for uneven ground or pavements). I've also had what felt like "zaps"
in my head (literally as though someone had briefly touched my brain with a low voltage cable). I sometimes also get brief spells of ringing in my ears. I also have heightened sensitivity to noise and light and cannot tolerate coffee or alcohol in ANY amount
(I'm normally hypersensitive to all of these anyway and hardly ever drink coffee or alcohol in minimal amounts, but currently cannot have any and noise and light are just painful). I am also feeling very fatigued (not sleepy-tired, but exhausted physically
and mentally, despite doing almost nothing). Yesterday late evening and this morning I'm experiencing vertigo on top of all the other symptoms. It is worse when I turn my head to the left or down, right side and straight are not so much of a problem. All of
these symptoms tend to come over a few days, every few months. They are always accompanied by exhaustion and build up over several days. ANY IDEA PLEASE as to what it could be, how to treat/cope and/or avoid it? Btw I've recently had an MRI (because of migraines)
which was all clear. Several years ago I also had a "table test" with cold air blown into my ears which showed I got a reaction much quicker than normal - whatever that means (they were apparently expecting not to see a reaction at all...). If you need any
further information, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. SH replied 2 years ago.
Have you had any blood tests to check your cortisol hormones and thyroid hormones?Are you on any medications for anything?Do you have any other medical problems?Please let me know.Kind regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Good morning.Thank you for your reply.I had extensive blood tests about a year ago (re. PMS, fatigue, migraines), all OK except for slightly raised Insulin and one hormone (but nothing to worry). I definitely had thyroid and cortisol checked a few years back - also ok, but not sure if they were checked this time (the tests were ordered by an Endocrinologyst and I would assume at least thyroid would have been checked).As for other health problems...I have a long list of symptoms which have been attributed to most likely ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue) - although no-one will really confirm it black on white despite suggesting it verbally (I was on a waiting list at a CFS clinic but moved away). I tend not to mention "the list" as it just makes me sound like a hypochondriac....totally understandably as a few years back I would have said the same; in the meantime I have got "used to" most of the symptoms and just tend not to mention them anymore. Before the CFS "diagnosis" I had beed sent around to various specialists but all the suspected diagnoses had turned out to be wrong in the end. I had been prescribed various medications over the past few years but ALL had very quickly given me extreme side effects (as I mentioned before, I tend to be over-sensitive to coffee, alcohol, chemicals, medications, light, noise, smells...which I never used to be, by the way) and made my symptoms much worse, and the doctors agreed that experimenting further with medications is not a good idea. The only medication I ocassionally use (apart from the ocassional Paracetamol or Ibuprofen for headaches/migraines) is 1/2 (half) of a 2mg Diazepam (on average once a month) to either help me sleep, or to ease muscle twitches (wchich are now very rare), or to calm me down when I get anxious (which I tend to do when my symptoms get worse over a period of time, and anxiety only exacerbates everything, obviously).My new GP has asked me for a list of my symptoms (which I can also forward to you, but as I said, it a long overwhelming list of non-specific complaints) and has sent me to a neurologist and a psychiatrist first of all to exclude (or not) any problems - the neurologist did a MRI for the migraines which was all clear, but unfortunately would not talk to me about any of my other symptoms; the psychiatrist has excluded depression (which I knew she would).I am sorry for the flood of information, but you did ask... I do hope it is not too overwhelming but will be helpful in trying to figure out the "dizzy" spells.If you need any more information, please let me know. I may not be able to check your reply or answer straight away as my children are having guests today and I may be busy, but I would very much like to hear your opinion.Thank you & regards.