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17 days ago my 10 year old daughter had an episode at school

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17 days ago my 10 year old daughter had an episode at school which left her with amnesia. A period of mild shaking preceeded the amnesia. She has been seen by doctors at our local hospital where blood tests have shown no issues, urine has been clear and an MRI scan showed no issues. A subsequent EEG showed no abnormality in brain function. After the episode she could not see out of her left eye and a scan of the eye carried out by an optician showed the eye to be healthy. The optician believed whatever was happening was happening in the brain. My daughter still has no feeling in her face, suffers from painfull arms and legs and a lack of grip in both hands and also has frequent headaches. Have you any answers as to what this might be as we are at a loss.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I forgot to add that her memory returned within 48 hours although there are big gaps in what she remembers. Her cognitive state is now that of a giddy 8 year old as opposed to an intelligent 10 year old who will soon be 11 and has passed her 11 plus exam recently.
In the weeks before the onset of these symptoms, did your daughter have a sore throat or any symptoms of an upper respiratory infection?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No. She has suffered from occaisional fainting since before Easter which the doctors have hinted may be vasovagel syncope but nothing conclusive has come from that. She has complained of painfull arms and legs on and off since early summer and has been tired but we have just put this down to the fact that she has worked so hard to pass her 11 plus exam. She has been seen by one of the consultants at our local hospital but we have not got any further with that. We have another appointment on 25th Jan 2016 but we feel we need some answers to the problem now and we are not getting much help.
Has she been having any problems with involuntary movements such as tics, or unusual behavior such as OCD?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No. She has been a perfectly normal 10 year old except for the fainting episodes, arm and leg pain and then the shaking with memory loss.
This history and symptom complex is very unusual, so unusual conditions should be considered. While not classic for PANDAS or ADEM, these are post-infectious conditions that can manifest in a variety of unusual symptoms that last for a variable amount of time. They are spectrum disorders that can be mild or very severe. Many mild cases probably never make it to a doctor. You should consider seeing an academic neurologist about this. Because there are often psychiatric manifestations as well as physical ones, you should have her evaluated by a mental health practitioner as well.
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