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Dr. Bob, Neurologist (MD)
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I need some help im in a terrible state. im a 27 year

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hello i need some help im in a terrible state. im a 27 year old man, about 6 months ago during a period of health anxiety i started have body wide fasciulations arms legs face all over. since then i have non stop twitching in my feet and calf muscles these are relentless, but since then its gotten worse my thighs are now twitching away at a twitch per second most visible, thumpers, small ripple looking they are really worrying me i cant get als out of my head i have seen 3 gps all have just dismissed it and won't refer me to a neuro , i am still walking ok and stand on my heels and toes etc, im still able to work out at the gym normally but very worried this is an early sign of a MND my thighs twitch even when stood up, pls if any neuros can respond i would appreciate it.
Hi Lloyd. Sorry to hear about your condition. Are you in good health otherwise? Does anything run in your family?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi Bob thank you for reply, I don't have any neuro diseases in the family, the only problems i can think is bipolar and depression that runs in my family but thats it. Health wise i feel fine do feel drained and not been sleeping to well from the twitches and anxiety maybe about 2- 4 hours a night.
Firstly, do not worry about ALS as this disease is not very common and you are too young to seriously consider this diagnosis at this time. Secondly, BFS is very common, especially in your age range, and does not result in permanent injury or affliction. Anxiety, of course, makes it worse, as does poor sleep and fatigue. When these associated conditions are adequately addressed, the fasciculations typically improve considerably or go away completely.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi bob thanks for reply, i have looked at bfs but the twitching just seems to intense like if if put my hand on a thigh i feel buzzing and twitching inside and outside they are frightening me, just wondering if this could be benign. much appreciated for replies.
The vast majority of cases involving fasciculations, even widespread fasciculations, are benign. Some individuals are more susceptible to them than others for reasons that are not always clear. What we do know is that they are highly associated with health anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue, stress, and too much caffeine. In addition, in MND they typically do not appear until other symptoms have arisen, most notably muscle weakness or atrophy, or sudden problems with coordination or balance. Many individuals with BFS or other similar benign conditions often come in to neurology for reassurance. If necessary, we will get an EMG to see if there is any other evidence of muscle involvement that might indicate something more serious. In most cases, when this test is normal we can confidently say there is no MND.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok thank you Bob for reply this issue has put my life in a stand still but i do feel better now, very helpful advice again thank you.
You're welcome. Follow up anytime.