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I recently had a brain MRI, purely of mind

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I recently had a brain MRI, purely for piece of mind relating to potential brain aneuryms. Thankfully it came back all clear. I suffer with anxiety so this was quite a relief!
For final re-assurance, was a MRI scan sufficient for brain aneurysm identification? I have read that a more detailed view can be gained by using MRA. However, am I right in thinking that MRA is used to futher analyse the potential defect after identified using MRI?
Thank you in advance
Yes. Your thinking on this is essentially correct. MRI is an excellent screening tool for looking for aneurysms and other pathological processes in the brain. If the scan is equivocal in some way, or there is continued suspicion, an MRA may be performed to gain more detailed information about the circulatory system of the brain.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the prompt and clear response!So in essence, the fact that nothing was identified on my MRI scan suggests that there are no aneurysms there at present, therefore meaning there is no need for an MRA?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I ask the above as I will be looking to have another MRI in the future, owing to the fact that I previously was a smoker of 8 years. Thankfully I have now quit!Thank you again
Yes, if nothing was identified on MRI and there are no clinical symptoms of an aneurysm you are in good shape. It is an excellent screening tool for aneurysms greater than 5mm. That said, MRA is more sensitive to very small aneurysms, and it can reliably depict lesions as small as 3-4 mm, the vast majority of which are clinically insignificant.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you! What is the size in which intervention is suggested?
That depends on many factors including age, gender, overall health, ethnicity, size, site, and type of aneurysm. In general, aneurysms <6mm in size have a rupture rate of about 1% per year.
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