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Lower back pain in my both legs & goes numb can only walk 50

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Lower back pain in my both legs & goes numb can only walk 50 meter & mri shows L3-L4 show narrow for nerve sitting & sleeping not problem walking is problem.
Lumbosacral degeneration and crowding of nerves and/or the spinal cord tend to be slowly progressive conditions. This could be an acute flare of sciatica that will improve with rest, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories etc. However, if your ability to walk distances has been slowly decreasing over the past year or so, you might be experiencing what we call "neurogenic claudication." This is typically the result of spinal stenosis, a condition in which the spinal cord or spinal nerves get compressed. This would require consultation with a neurosurgeon for consideration of decompressive surgery.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What is Decompressive surgery
That is when the neurosurgeons go in and remove material (e.g. a herniated disc, bone spur, etc) that is crowding the spine or spinal nerves. If there is a risk of slippage of the remaing parts of the spinal column they will often do a "fusion procedure" as well to increase stability.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks after Decompessive surgery how long takes to recover or can you live pain free life or what are success rate of the surgery or is there any non surgery way to cure it at now I am doing lot of swimming & stretching exercises now it's been four week
Exercise is great, and yet the timeframe for improvement is long..perhaps years. If things don't improve within months or worsen, you would need to consider surgery. Either way, pain often improves. Success rates of sugery depend on the severity of the problem and the skill of your surgeon.