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On Thursday 21st Jan I had the most scary experience.

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On Thursday 21st Jan I had the most scary experience. I was sat at my desk in work and I had felt fine all day. All of a sudden I felt a "rush" of something over me, like dizziness or a bad feeling. I have to mention I have had that sort of feeling before on occasion but it always passed after a few seconds. I stood up and thought id get a glass of water. I took about 5 steps before it felt like I wasnt in control of my body anymore. My vision went all blurred and I felt like I had a strong vibrating feeling through my whole body. I couldnt speak or move. I was totally conscious the whole time and didnt fall over. I remember standing there thinking, "Why cant I speak?! Whats wrong with me?! Am I going to die?!" It felt like it lasted forever but colleagues who came to my aid said it was about 2-3 mins. They said my head was right back (chin pointing to the ceiling) and my eyes were rolling in my head and I was shaking crazily. When I came out of it, I was able to speak again but it was all slurred for few seconds. I burst into tears and never felt so scared in my life.
Paramedics came and tested my heart (ECG), blood sugar, eyes, checked all my limbs for muscle weaknesses and found nothing wrong with me to explain why this happened.
I went to my GP yesterday and she thinks I could be anemic (but I was only checked for anemia 2 months ago and I was fine) Please help me understand what happened? I have no ongoing medical issues, I have not been recently sick and have never had anything like this before.
Thank you for your question. I am a board certified neurologist in the U.S. One possibility that definitely should be looked into for this event would be a seizure. A seizure is an abnormal activity of the brain that can result in involuntary body movements and sometimes results in loss or impairment of consciousness. The fact that you had the rolling up of the eyes and the movements of the neck and head would definitely make a seizure a possibility. People can get their first seizure at any age, and this would require evaluation with testing including probably an MRI of the Brain as well as a brainwave test called an EEG. I would strongly advise that you see a neurologist about this episode that occurred so that you can get proper evaluation and to determine if you would benefit from starting antiseizure medication, which might help prevent another such episode in the future. The Brain scan would be important to make sure there is no abnormality in the brain that caused the event, although many patients can have a seizure and have a normal appearing Brain MRI. Hopefullly this is helpful to you. Please let me know if there are more questions. If this has been helpful, please rate me highly, and bonuses are always appreciated. Best wishes!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your reply. I had wondered if it might have been a seizure, I mentioned the possibility to my GP but she was more keen to blame anemia or low blood sugar (even though I told her the Paramedics checked that and my blood sugar was fine, I had also only eaten 30 mins before it happened) She wants me to have the blood test for anemia before she will think about referring me to a seizure clinic for an EEG. Since it happened I have had dizziness, headaches, extreme tiredness and loss of appetite. I have also felt very emotional and anxious in case it happens again. Could these be as a result of what happened? I suppose its hard to say what chance there is of it reoccurring?
You are welcome. After one experiences a seizure, if this is what the episode was, it is definitely not uncommon for one to experience symptoms which can include fatigue and headaches. Of course, there can also be some anxiety with such a scary episode, so having these types of emotions would not be very unusual. As far as anemia, in my opinion it would be very unusual for anemia to cause one to have an episode with involuntary head or neck movements, though it is possible for one to pass out from anemia or in rare cases perhaps anemia could be a trigger for seizure. Low blood sugar is another possible trigger for a seizure, but as you mentioned your sugar was normal. In terms of chance of reoccurring, this is indeed hard to say. An EEG and MRI of the Brain would be needed to give a better idea, and in my opinion with the description of your event I would suggest that you see a neurologist if possible rather than simply blaming the episode on anemia. Best of luck.
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