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Are you able to read my Brain Scan MRI please

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Are you able to read my Brain Scan MRI please
Hi there. Do you have the MRI report? Can you upload it?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ive managed to take screen shots and I can send them to you. I hope that's okay.
A proper reading of an MRI must be done by a neuroradiologist. He or she will have all static images as well as the ability to scroll through possible findings. Without this, one can only speak in generalities. If you have the report, I can go over it with you and provide context. Why was the study done?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It was done to rule out or give more weight to a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. I have attached one image for you in my previous message.
I'm not sure I can attach the whole report because your system does not accept that type of file
There appear to be some hyperintense white matter lesions but it is difficult without scrolling to be sure they are not blood vessels or other normal structures. In addition, white matter changes are common over 40 and are non-specific in nature. Have you had an LP or evoked potential testing?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok, lets see if this works.
I don't see much on these particular images. Have you had any other relevant testing regarding the possibility of MS?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No..I was diagnosed with ME after15 years of chronic fatigue, lost the sight in my left eye at 22, fatigue started at 25. Just over the last four years I have suffered with cognitive issues. For example - Looking at a cup but not knowing what it is called. Slurred speech. I have major issues with spelling which I never had before. I have muscle jerks in my left arm which are very noticeable. Pins and needles and numbness in both arms [hands]. Pain behind eyes and when they move. Stabbing pain to my sternum which knocks me off my feet when it happens, it really is that painful. Bladder retention. This list goes on as they say. I have not had any other medical tests conducted as yet.I do have a spinal injury from an L5-S1 disc decompression 2012, which has left me with severe weakness in my left leg and particularly foot drop but I'm basically paralysed below my knee.I'm just at a loss really.
I see. And you have seen neurologists, I assume. Has anyone suggested a diagnosis of ADEM? It is similar to MS, but usually occurs earlier in life, as a child or young adult. The course can be variable and sometimes recurrent. Treatment is mainly supportive and symptomatic. Intervention for ADEM is targeted at suppressing inflammation in the brain using anti-inflammatory drugs. Most individuals respond to several days of intravenous corticosteroids such as methylprednisolone, followed by oral corticosteroid treatment. When corticosteroids fail to work, plasmapheresis or intravenous immunoglobulin therapy are possible secondary treatment options that are reported to help in some severe cases.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I had an awful viral infection when I was 17 which hospitalised me. I had a lumbar puncture as they thought it was meningitis at first but that was ruled out. I'm still not sure what the final diagnosis was. I also had a severe bout of flu at the age of 26 which took months to recover from. I tend to go through phases of being okay [but not completely], to phases of complete physical exhaustion with neuro issues attached. I have not seen a Neurologist as yet. I though I would pay for the brain scan and then see what to do after that as I do not want to waste their time.
By all means you should see a neurologist. They should be able to better define the diagnosis and suggest a treatment plan. It does sound like it could be a post-infectious, auto-immune, myelin-related condition. There may be treatment options available to at least keep this from getting worse.
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