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I suffer from genital herpes . I had an attack last friday

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i suffer from genital herpes . I had an attack last friday and took antiviral medicine ( famciclovir). The blisters were small and are healing very nicely. Then yesterday i started to get a lot of shooting pain in my testicLE and that's carried on all day. is that a new attack of posy herpetic neuralgia?
Post-herpetic neuralgia follows the course of the affected nerve, and is associated with the herpes zoster virus not the herpes simplex virus that causes genital herpes. Your testicular pain is likely from another source, whether it be mild trauma, epididymitis, radiation from a ureteral stone, etc. If it is severe and unremitting, or is causing you nausea or sweating, you should be seen urgently to make sure it is not a torsion. This requires emergent evaluation and ultrasound. Otherwise, anti-inflammatories and rest (e.g wearing briefs or jockstrap to support the testicles) may be helpful.
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