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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, Neurologist (MD)
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Dr. Bob, He was seizure free from December 2010 to October

Customer Question

Dr. Bob,
He was seizure free from December 2010 to October 2015......nearly 5 years. In March 2015 he was prescribed cetrine and has been taking 10mg daily since. He suffered a seizure in October 2015 and again in May 2016. So he was on cetrine 7 months before his seizure. He has now stopped taking the cetrine.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 1 year ago.

Hi John. If the cetrine was going to provoke a seizure it would have done so before 7 months! There are so many other more likely factors that could be responsible for his breakthrough seizures. Do you know what his keppra levels were at the time of the seizures? Many things can temporarily lower blood levels and trigger a seizure. If he is now seizure free off the cetrine, then obviously you would not want to start him back on it. On the other hand, if he does have another breakthrough seizure this would be evidence of something else going on...something that would rquire a new neurological work up.