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I am a 38 year old male from the west of Scotland. I have

Customer Question

I am a 38 year old male from the west of Scotland.
I have been treated for the past 10 years with various anti-depressants for depression, cognitive problems, constant brain fog, , constant lethargy, dizzy spells, emotional difficulties, anhedonia and memory problems. They lifted my mood, but affected my libido, and did not treat any of the underlying symptoms. I am currently prescribed methylphenidate (60mg) and duloxetine (60mg).
It has now come to my attention that my medical records do not contain any notes relating to the traumatic brain injuries I have had and been hospitalised for. The first of which required 10 staples after a large metal beam fell on my head. The second around 11 years ago when I was a victim of attempted murder in which my head was trampled on by a gang, until I was unconscious and taken to hospital by ambulance. Neither of these episodes were followed up after the initial ER visit, and no head scans were performed.
I had mentioned this maybe being responsible for my symptoms to doctors over this time, but was dismissed as if i was crazy. Understandably as these events never made it into my GPs records.
My symptoms persist, and get worse. I get dizzy spells often and see stars, get auras, constant tiredness and brain fog, emotionally mixed up, forgetting words more and more, and often come to realise i've been staring into space for hours. I went to ER a few months ago with terrible pain in the head and could not get out of bed all day, in a stupor. The hospital sent me home with nothing more than a quick physical.
I have now been waiting for referral to a neurologist for more than 12 weeks and have been unable to work for the past 4 months straight, when before my serious down times were intermittent.
Now my question. Should the head traumas I sustained be taken more seriously with regards ***** ***** in light of the time of the last occurrence, should I complain more to be seen sooner? (I add that i have also banged my head a good few times since but not as serious or felt need investigated) My fear is that I have an aneurysm that periodically swells and may burst :( or maybe an embolism ?
These are a few other things wrong with me:
Raynauld's phenomenon
Osteoarthritis left knee
Avascular necrosis left scaphoid
Sorry for the long spiel. I look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 1 year ago.

Hi Martin. Yes, your head injuries are important, and may be responsible for all or most of your current neurological symptoms. You likely are suffering from a pretty severe post-concussive syndrome. Chances of an aneurysm are low, so don't worry about that. But do see the neurologist (he might want to get an MRI of the brain) and ask for a referral to a physical medicine and rehab specialist (also called a "physiatrist.") as they are the doctors specially trained in diagnosing and treating the consequences of traumatic brain injuries.