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I recently had an MRI scan of my brain due to a number of

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I recently had an MRI scan of my brain due to a number of symptoms including, left eye drooping, loosing periferal vision, problems with sleep and not able to "find" words when speaking / forgetting things in the middle of a sentance.My surgeon noticed something on my Pineal gland, he suspected a cyst, however the MRI report from the Radiographer said there was nothing of note other than "slightly expanded and fluid filled sella with prominence of the optic nerve sheaths".I was hoping that you would be able to look at the MRI (I have the whole CD uploaded only 90meg download) or I can upload some stills from the MRI. I would like to know what you see from them on my Pineal gland, is there a cyst?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have attached the images that I took from the MRI but also the whole MRI is here in a zip file.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
MRI link removed as public forum. I can email over a new link if its needed. Cheers

Hi Phil. There does appear to be 5mm cyst arising from or near the pineal gland. If the radiologist did not mention it in the report, he or she may have considered it an incidental finding. As the only reading that matters is the radiologist's (or neuroradiologist's) after carefully scrolling through all of the images, I would suggest you have him look at the images again and comment directly on this issue. As an alternative, you can request an R2 (second reading) from another radiologist. That said, pineal cysts are fairly common (seen in 20-30% of individuals at autopsy) and typically benign. As this one does not appear to be causing any mass effect on adjacent tissues, it is very unlikely to be the source of your symptoms.

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