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TWO MRI HAVE CONFIRMED UNUSUAL VOLUMR LOSS OF FRINTAL AND PARIETAL LOBES AS A RESULT OF RTA HEAD ON COLLISIION RTA UNCONDCIIOGUS 90 minutes with no hospital attendance whatsoever. AT have had spinal problems all life which now gives credence to the the accident was in 1948 aged 8. Tender head and frontal left forehead painful all life now continuous. Oromorph suggested. Could space be filled with CSF with no expansion to accommodate and therefore no excruciatingly painful.

Hi Marlene. When there is volume loss in the brain, for whatever reason, that extra space is filled with CSF. As long as the CSF is flowing normally, there usually are no symptoms of increased pressure such as chronic headache, balance issues, blurred vision, drop in alertness, etc. It is only when the flow of CSF is impaired, and pressure builds up, that such symptoms occur. This can be tested by doing a lumbar puncture (spinal tap). Otherwise, you have to look for other explanations.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What "button"?

I can't take a call right now, but I can continue to work with you. Do you have additional questions?

Are you still there, Marlene?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Have started two HISTORY which disappeared before I could send me Briefly, January 2015 tick bite - to not recognised or acknowledged by hospital said it was Cellulitis

If you are concerned about Lyme disease, this can be tested and treated quite easily.

Ask your doctor to run the blood test for Lyme. If positive, you may need a course of doxycycline or cefuroxime.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Two tests months after bite both negative with in house lab. The NHS England Does NOT acknowledgedm that LYME Disease exists Had 4 TIA 1 CVA hearing loss for one year

You probably do not have Lyme based on this. Some doctors in this country will treat anyway, as the antibiotic is safe and well tolerated by most. That said, if your headaches have worsened you should see a neurologist. He or she can do a lumbar puncture to test the pressure of your CSF and also test for evidence of Lyme or some other central nervous system infection.

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