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Dr. Bob, Neurologist (MD)
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I'm from England, I re recently had a scan which came back

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Hi ,
I'm from England ,
I re recently had a scan which came back fine I think I suffer from déjà vu seizures which makes me pass out for a couple of seconds I should say and 54 and an extreme stressed lady. I also have a different type of seizure which is very difficult to explain and very embarrassing , they start in my tummy and I'm aware there taking place , I just can't control them, but unlike the other ones they go for many minutes and are exhausting . I have also had my Bowel And tummy checked out as I have acid and other problems. All came back fine . any idea.

Hi Jan. I would suggest you get a 24-hour EEG (electroencephalogram). This should catch any seizure activity that is occurring and give some important information to your doctors about the type and severity. You might also ask your doctor to order an MRI of the brain (just in case) or refer you to a neurologist, as some seizures can be very subtle and difficult to diagnose.

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