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What symptoms suggest neurological issues caused by b12

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What symptoms suggest neurological issues caused by b12 deficiency

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The typical findings of vitamin B12 deficiency are numbness of both legs, progressive weakness, balance problem, cognitive decline, worsening anemia.

Tongue pain or weakness also may be seen with severe B12 deficiency.

Other symptoms from underlying causes resulting in B12 deficiency can be diarrhea, blood in stool, stomach pain, anorexia, weight loss.
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Customer: replied 7 days ago.
I am currently struggling with my health and have been having a wide range of symptoms including tremors in my fingers, pins and needles mainly in my feet/lower leg, flashes in my vision, I often struggle with my balance sometimes having to grab into things because I feel like I am going to fall sometimes falling back when I stand up or falling forward and having to grab things to regain balance.I sometimes go dizzy and feel Sharkey though I don't look like I'm shaking.I get migraines and headaches have severe fatigue, widespread pain, stomach issues.i also have mental health problems. I have problems with brainfog memory problems and just feel like I can't think straight.I have recently had abnormal liver function blood tests, low b12(I'm not vegan or anything like that) and abnormal thyroid results can you make any suggestions of things that it might me worth asking my doctor to look into or anything? I just feel I am getting nowhere at present and as I feel unwell daily it is really affecting my mental health and ability to function
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
I can't currently afford to pay for phone call.

Thanks for further information.

You will need to get upper endoscopy to check for celiac disease, H pylori infection, pernicious anemia as common causes of B12 deficiency.

Regarding, abnormal liver function test, you will need hepatitis panel, serum ferritin and transferrin, ceruloplasmin levels and liver ultrasound as part of further work up.

Thyroid abnormality should warrant further testing with thyroid antibody levels to check for hashimoto's or autoimmune disorder which can cause wide spread symptoms.

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** don't seem willing to really do anything like that. They did a celiac blood test last year and said I am not celiac, gluten does make me feel unwell.
The did a GPC blood test and said I don't have pernicious anemia.
On 1st July my serum ferritin was 78 ug/L
My Serum B12 was 156 ng/L (I had been taking 500mcg b12 OTC supplements for 3/4 months prior to this) they gave me 6 b12 loading doses but want to do another blood test before deciding whether to give me moreThe liver function test they repeated and because it was decreasing they just said they would repeat in 6months.
The thyroid they just said they would test it again in three months (I should be getting the test in the next few weeks)
That's all that's really happened so far

I see--Given that there is no explanation from the blood tests why your B12 level is so low even after injections, you will definitely need to push for endoscopy.

You should consult with a gastroenterologist if possible.

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