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Anthony Osula
Anthony Osula, Doctor
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My tricep is twitching non-stop. I have a cervical disc

Customer Question

My tricep is twitching non-stop. I have a cervical disc bulge at C6-7. How do I make is stop.
JA: Do you have frequent headaches? Any issues with coordination or balance?
Customer: Hi, no I don't. I'm not in any pain
JA: Thank you so much for your time. Finally, is there anything else in your medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: I've had an MRI that revealed the disc bulge. The problem first happened in 2018 and since then I've had two painful flare ups. These days I manage it better with physiotherapy by doing mckenzie chin tucks and improving thoracic mobility but my tricep goes absolutely crazy from time to time.
Submitted: 25 days ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Anthony Osula replied 25 days ago.

Hi thanks for your query

This sounds like you've got irritation of the nerve running through the cervical disc leading to the muscle firing repeatedly.

I'll recommend doing a neck massage and some neck and shoulder stretches also

Customer: replied 24 days ago.
Thank you. I have been getting sports massages and doing trigger point therapy/myofacial release with various tools like foam rollers, lacrosse balls etc. I asked a very prominent physical therapist called Dr Kelly Starrett how I could alleviate the symptoms and he kindly replied via email telling me I was sensitised - which I understand is a stress response. Am I right in assuming that's what it means?He told me, in addition to the trigger point therapy, to make sure I am getting enough sleep, protein and daily activity through walking, but above all else, to try breathing exercises by Wim Hof. Does any of this resonate with you? I've attached a video of my tricep having a bit of a disco session so that you can see what I'm referring to.
Expert:  Anthony Osula replied 24 days ago.

Yes I can see the flickering of the triceps muscle which looks like a trapped nerve

Unfortunately, I cannot assume what another specialist means by sensitised but you're probably right

I'm not sure abouth breathing exercies though but it wont cause any harm

I think a few sessions of ongoing physical therapy hopefully should help if not, then nerve conduction studies can be done to try and identify the problem nerve.

Customer: replied 24 days ago.
OK thank you. Is there any particular exercise/stretch(s) that you know of and would recommend?
Expert:  Anthony Osula replied 24 days ago.

As I'm not a phyisotherapist, I'll have to look that up and see if I can find something

Expert:  Anthony Osula replied 24 days ago.

This is actually a good leaflet to look at and copy the exercises here,

Expert:  Anthony Osula replied 24 days ago.

Customer: replied 24 days ago.
Thank you vey uch Anthony. I will check out this leaflet and also continue with Physiotherapy. If that doesn't help I'll go back to my GP for a neurology referral and look into the possibility of a nerve conduction test.Thanks again!
Expert:  Anthony Osula replied 24 days ago.

No worries