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Dr.Shakeel Ansari
Dr.Shakeel Ansari, Neurology Specialist
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I am looking to speak to a neurologist who specialises in

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i am looking to speak to a neurologist who specialises in epilepsy.
Hi, this is Dr Ansari, welcome to JA.
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
Hi my father aged 67 had an isolated Tonic Clonic Seizure in February 2021 lasting approx 4 minutes.
He had only had one other 11 years previous when he was working double shifts and was exhausted.
He subsequently had an MRI and an EEG and the results were normal.
After taking Levetiracetam medication straight after the second seizure last year for 10 months he slowly weaned himself off and was fully off the meds by the end of December 2021..
On Thursday 16th June 2022 he suffered another Seizure lasting 20 minutes of which the grand Mal was only a couple of minutes then the rest was more mild but still twitching and not aware for the remaining time. He was sent to hospital where they took his blood and reported the results to be normal and then released him advising on no medication.
I’m a little worried that they didn’t scan his brain.
I am arranging for him to see his Neurologist he saw last year in London and also for an MRI scan privately.
I am very worried about leaving him alone with my children aged 10 & 6 now but I know this would upset him as he's a very active and involved grandad.
He lives alone in Nottingham but spends lots of time at my home in Henley on Thames and helps me alot with childcare as my husband works in London.
Do you think it's safe to leave him with the children?
We think the triggers to the seizure last year was exhaustion from Drinking alcohol and not sleeping well one night and then having the covid vaccine the next day and then driving to Henley on thames where he had the seizure the following day.
The one last week I think was probably from not sleeping great and hot weather, maybe dehydration.
Also I want to note that he is currently on Levothyroxine after being diagnosed with underactive Thyroid.
He isn't currently on any other meds.
Also he stopped drinking last year too. he was never a heavy drinker but wanted to stop.
Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

If your father was having seizures clinically but EEG and MRI came normal does not mean that he has no epilepsy, he has to continue the treatment so that clinical seizures can be controlled.

Drinking alcohol may induce seizures and leaving with children alone may jeopardize the situation not only for your father but also for the children.

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
Ok the reason he stopped is because his neurologist said to if no seizures after 12 months. We stopped 2 months early. also his neurologist was surprised that he as put on the medication after having one seizure in 11 years.

He started to have seizures again so he has to be on the anticonvulsants again. If he was controlled well Levetiracetam should continue the same.

Dr.Shakeel Ansari and other Neurology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
he tolerated it well. Do I have to see the Neurologist in London for this medication or can I ask his doctor? The hospital last week advised against it. So much conflicting advise its difficult to know what's best.

Ask his doctor to issue the prescription for his epilepsy medication. And get the appointment to re-evaluate him by a neurologist.