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How much should it cost to replace the oil valave stem seals

Customer Question

How much should it cost to replace the oil valave stem seals and rings on an 06 1.2 petrol micra?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  indy-tech replied 5 years ago.

You burning oil out the exhaust ,

Who diagnosed valve stem seals .

Is the check engine light ON when the engine is running .

Rgds Greg

Customer: replied 5 years ago.



Yes it is burning oil out of the exhaust, no one has diagnosed the seals but everything else has been checked. The check engine light isn't on and all ofthe sensors are reporting that there is nothing wrong.


I have been told it is going to cost £1200 to strip the engine back to diagnose the issue but I was just wondering how much on average the actual repair work would be.



Expert:  indy-tech replied 5 years ago.
Hi Emily .

This is an 7hr job so what ever the shop rate is : £45.00 then
45x7= £315.00 plus parts and tax.

So if they are just going to do the valve stem seals they are very expensive unless they have a £150.00 hr rate .

Or they are going to strip the engine completly and do the piston rings as well .

If the complete engine is going to be done then this would be a book time of 22 - 24 hrs
wehich would be a more realistic for the price they have made out for you .

Ring them up and ask what they will be doing ,then have a few more calls to other local garage's and ask what price they would charge for doing the samr job .

Get this all in writing with a warrenty

Rgds Greg .