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indy-tech, Import tech
Category: Nissan
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Experience:  Import technician
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hi have you heard of any problems with nissan micra 2011 plate

Customer Question

hi have you heard of any problems with nissan micra 2011 plate regarding clutch burning out after only 7000 miles. Driver is pensioner not boy racer :) Thanks for your help
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  indy-tech replied 4 years ago.

No issue reported with clutch problems on this car ,

What is normally the problem is when one rides the clutch on hills and start off's
rest the foot on the clutch this tends to happen without realizing .

You will have to drive with the driver to see if you can see anything in the way he/she drives , they may of been a all life manual driver and never had any problems in the past but the older you get your driving techniques tend to change without noticing .

So have a good test drive with the driver of the car .

This can be seen once the clutch has been removed to see if it has been clutch ridden
by a driver or if the clutch kit was a problem it self ,bad pressure plate ,not correctly adjusted etc.

Need further assistance then please get back to me if needed.

Kindest regards Greg
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Greg

Thanks for your reply

Driver has been tested to see if she is using clutch correctly and examiner stated her driving techniques are very good

Car was bought from new in Jan 2011.

Getting a new clutch was big problem as it such a new car. Nissan eventually produced one and deducted £100 for all the hassle.

Mechanic believes the clutch is not suitable for size of car but chances of proving this is a manufacture fault very small as clutch burnt out and nissan will always blame driver and not their car.

Thanks Matt

Expert:  indy-tech replied 4 years ago.
Hi Matt.

Did the driver ever complain about brake/clutch burning smell.

As a very short distance for a clutch to burn out some smell must of been smelt .

If not then the materials used could be the issue.

I would keep all your data and wait and see if other customers have the same issue
and see if Nissan have a call back done for this issue ,then you can apply for a refund .

Sorry could not be of great help with this issue as only time will tell.

Kindest regards Greg