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The orange light indicating possible malfunction on my 2006

Customer Question

The orange light indicating possible malfunction on my 2006 Nissan Micra comes on and remains on while driving. The car has ben standing outside for the past 2 months without being driven or the engine running. My son in law is bringing the car from his home in Stratford on Avon to my home in Scarborough tomorrtow. Is it safe for him to do so?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Robert replied 5 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


How does the car actually perform driving wise/start up etc since this fault has appeared?


Any unusual noises from the engine etc?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Despite not having run the engine for the past 2 months it started first time when my son in law tried it today. He says that the engine sounded okay and the car ran smoothly. No unusual noises.

Expert:  Robert replied 5 years ago.

Hi..there thanks for getting back..


Ok..if the car seems to run ok - then car should still be ok to drive,the rule really if and when the these sort of warnings come up it isnt really advised using on long extended journeys etc.Usually when the engine light appears.It means the cars ECU has detected a fualt on the car wether it be a wiring/ sensor or component fualt,more likely a emissions fault ie:- lambda sensor /cat converter - so it is vital that you have the car checked out on a suitable diagnostic machine as soon as where possible.The warning light does cover quite alot of possible various fualts,so it would be a litle hard to say at this point what the ecu has particular if there are not any noticeable problems starting or driving the vehicle..If thats the case then the Diagnostic test would be your next step forward once you get it home and the light is still long as your backed up with any sort of breakdown cover ie:- AA / RAC / GREENFLAG then you should be ok to drive it moderately/taking it easy thing you may want to try is an injector cleaner.more so called "petrol engine injector cleaners" its really an additive you add to your tank of fuel and helps clean up injectors and improve the combustion process if you where to add one then any local DIY motor factors/fuel stations should stock this pretty much off the shelf..i do hope this helps