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I had my Nissan fixed and I have no code to restart the radio/cd

Customer Question

I had my Nissan fixed and I have no code to restart the radio/cd . the make says Nissan and cords . I cannot see a serial number . the year is 04
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Robert replied 6 years ago.



Hopefully I can help..


Firstly just to be sure - the radio should be in with the vehicle documents its a four digit code unique code for that particular radio for it to come back on or unlock - so I would certainly ensure and check for the code just in case its not in with that or in the glove box etc..The wait 1 hr means you entered an incorrect code and thus you have time penalty to wait before you can re - enter maybe try if you haven't done so already - leaving the radio powered up with the ignition on and just leave it and it should actually count down that hour for you to put in the correct code..However the radio can be remove but involves some of the dash to be removed over the top and comes out in oner with the top section above the radio and both side air directional vents - as the radio is screwed into the carrier so no way to get the radio out without removing the whole lot. One option you may want to try is via the Nissan dealer they "may" be able to check up using the cars reg/vin number the actual code for that radio in the car provided its not a radio from another car nor an after market type stereo . however "some" dealers may ask for a small fee for the privilege, some may just waver it depending who serves you and how helpful the dealer is,although you'll likely need proof of it maybe worth trying that route too.maybe phone first to enquire anyway..but as above ensure you have looked through all the documents first..I do hope this helps