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Jake, Nissan Technician
Category: Nissan
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Experience:  Experienced collision repair technician, Pulaski Tech graduate and DSM hobbyist.
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Hi, is it possible to destroy car ECU by connecting lambda

Customer Question

is it possible to destroy car ECU by connecting lambda sensor not correctly in Nissan Murano 2007?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  indy-tech replied 4 years ago.

When you fitted the Sensor was it a universal sensor where you had to solder the wires, or a sensor with the correct plug and fit system .

What problem do you have with the engine .

Which LPG system did you have fitted.

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Greg,


well the sensor which was changed (before the cat) is with the plug and it was changed after the car broken down, but I think the sensors after the cat are universal (I bought the car with them fitted already - although I know the mechanic unplugged or unsoldered them when checking it).


The LPG system fitted in my car:


controller Stag 300 Premium (but without OBD)


injectors Motogas (I can not find them on the market???)


reducer Magic


tank Irene (nearly 2 years old when fitted in the car - I do not know if it's important but Irena's tanks were withdrawn from the polish market just after mine was made)



The car after conversion was loosing power and was burning a lot of fuel. We had to come back to the garage several times where the installer had to adjust the mixture (it was to rich or to poor) but they told me it normal process because 2 people used the car and I do not need to worry.

Everything after the conversion was done under the warranty so I have no invoices (I did not ask to put this in the service book as well - silly me) so installer is lying that I never complained about the system and I broke the car.


Obviously I know that installer should not fit Premium without OBD adaptor (it's against fitting instruction) but I am not sure if it's enough to proof why the car overheated.


I am sure the car broken down before anyone apart the installer looked into the car but the say what they say.


Funny thing is that we tried to find a mechanic who would be able to fix the car - unsuccessfully.


Faults which mechanic stated in my car are


- damage to the engine controller ECU (the engine processor driver work outside the required range, the mechanic told me that Damage to the engine controller ECU in my car have been made by improperly
adjusted LPG installations or improperly its regulations because it is a car with an adaptation of the air-fuel mixture. Erroneous installation or
incorrect adjustment of the installation default setup settings to increase or decrease the injection time, which mean the rich mixture of LPG will reduce the time of injection, lean LPG will lead to increase the injection time.
Injection time can be increased or decreased in this type of motor
controller on the processor until the exceed the ECU/processor counter causing irreversible damage to the software.


- incorrect pressure compression (burned valves which confirms
bad mixture)
- incorrect set the timing chain (variable valve timing) which
according to Nissan service may have been the cause by misfire
- incorrect pressure compression (burned valves which confirms bad mixture)

- burned/melted catalysts


I knew the car was not working properly but every time I went to the installer they knew what to do so car was ok for some time. Last time I ask them to check the installation properly and I did service, they heard the car had misfire but left me with the problem ignoring it. After about 2-3 weeks car "exploded" inside and finally stopped driving without any warning light!!!! how is it possible???


Well 2 mechanics tried to fix it - not successfully - they did engine (I am not sure about the chain) but it did not help.

The one who said it was an ECU change it but it still not working?? A lot of sensors have been changed as well, but nothing.


So I lost hope the car will be ever fixed but I believe the installer ignored my problems and fitted rubbish system - that was the main reason why the car broken down. But I have problem to proof it and also I did not expect they will put it on me :-(


What do you think about that?






Expert:  indy-tech replied 4 years ago.
Hi Kinga .

You said the engine overheated was this the cause of the engine breaking down .

Or did the engine just blow up .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


it's difficult for me to say what exploded.

I just heard the noise (like a shot). I don't know if it was the engine. The mechanic (converter) said there was no pressure on valve. That's why he opened the engine and had to do something with the motor head. I don't remember exactly what he said about the engine but it was something bad (it was my car lpg converter so he never said the car was overheated, the second mechanic informed me about overheating). After putting the head back there was even worse. It was more difficult to start the engine and RPM was still very low.


The fact is ,that cat was glowing red (I don't know if it was like that before the shot or only after). So it could be the cat explosion, I really don't know. sorry.


But why the car had a misfire? Is it because of faulty lambda and why the ECU did not show the problem with the lambda.


Like I said either before or after the shot I had no light on the dashboard?


Is there any chance I could check the ECU and find the answer there?

The ECU has been unplugged from the car for some time. Also before the ECU was taken out the battery has gone several times.





Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did not see any smoke or something like that. just the noise. after this the car was still able to drive very slowly but not for long.

Expert:  indy-tech replied 4 years ago.
Hi Kinga how is the car driving now after flushing and refilling with diesel .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It's not driving, the engine will start (but it's not easy to start it).

The car has not been used for more then one year. The second mechanic kept it for 6 months, but no luck.

Expert:  indy-tech replied 4 years ago.
Hi Kinga .

Have the pump in the tank checked and the injection pump checked as i said i would be worried with the fuel delivery system due ti petrol causing issue with sealing seals and
any rubber or plastic parts in the system that petrol can destroy. the system has to be checked completely . a compression test of the engine as also said to check the condition of the engine .

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hmm, it might be worth checking that cos we don't know exactly what the second mechanic checked or what part in the car he changed.

Although the car is able to run for a long time and if there was problem with fuel delivery I would expect it will cut off. I am right?


You asked at the beginning if the lambda sensor is universal or not. does this make any difference? I am thinking to take the case to court but I am concern the installer can use the fact about universal lambda.

Although the lambda was changed after the shot and the explosion itself was the reason why we took the car to different mechanic but installer stated that we did not fit lambda properly and that was the reason of the explosion. I was told by few mechanics that lambda can not destroy the car, so I am confused.


Do you know by any chance an LPG and car expert In England, I tried to find someone but not successfully.

Expert:  indy-tech replied 4 years ago.
Hi Kinga .

Sorry but some how i have got your question mixed up with another question i was working ON.

Please disregard the reply i gave reference the diesel fuel delivery system.


Remove the catalytic converter and try and start the engine i think you main issue where we sho0uld start is to remove the cat and start the engine and see how she runs

If the cat is blocked then your engine is harder to start and will misfire due to too much back pressure in the exhaust system.

Sorry for the mix up .

Kind regards Greg
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no problem,

as far as I know the cat has been changed already but I don't think the exhaust was. is there any point in checking it?

Expert:  indy-tech replied 4 years ago.
Hi .

You said it got red hot ,this could be due to too much fuel (to Rich) .

This can melt down the cat and cause blockage .start here first then see how she runs.