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We have had our second hand QuashQai for two weeks only done

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We have had our second hand QuashQai for two weeks only done 41,000 miles four years old. When my husband had a knocking from the engine. He pulled over and parked the car within 2 kilometers, od this occuring, we live in France. It was collected and taken to a garage they replaced one injector. Noise the same. We had the car taken back to uk where we brought it from. Second car to go wrong from this garage, first car lasted 24 hrs??? They sent the car to Hailsham for examination and they have come back saying the pistons have gone and that it must be an external thing that has made them go.  All other parts are working properly. They are suggesting faulty fuel. We had only filled once at Sainsburys and then topped up once in France where we have always done. We had only driven 800 miles. With no problem, noise or warning lights. Could bad fuel suddenly wreck an engine so badly without any warning. Or are we being strung along so they do not have to pay out. We are on pensions so this is very important and costly for us. But we would take them to court if we felt we were entitled to.   Surely engines are made tougher than they are suggesting.   Any helpful info would be much appreciated.

Hi there, sorry your having car troubles.

First off bad fuel can cause excessive fuel knock and also missing and jerking if there is water in the fuel.

In VERY RARE circumstances if you continue to drive the vehicle while it's jerking and missing an extreme lean condition can burn the ring land. I seriously doubt that's what your husband did since he pulled over once a knocking sound occurred.

It seems they could very well be taking advantage of the situation here.

Quite frankly, bad fuel WILL NOT destroy an engine that quickly.

Secondly if the pistons have gone make them perform a compression test with you there to prove it. The knocking is far more likely to be from a rod or main bearing issue then piston failure. So ideally there story here is far more unlikely then likely at this point.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your assistance. The garage has got to come back to us

indicating what they are prepared to do re the situation as detailed by them : eg fuel contamination, this of course is not their responsibility or covered by warranty. I am going to contact the garage in Hailsham who have diagnosed the fault and ask for a full report and perhaps try and find an independant specialist who can also do a report. But of course all this costs. At least I now feel I am not going mad to think what they are trying to tell us is just not true. Many thanks again.