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ar the turbos faulty on the x trail and is there a AGR faulve

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ar the turbos faulty on the x trail and is there a AGR faulve on the x trail



Hopefully i can help..


It is a fairly common issue with turbo's on these - more so on the original turbo,oil seals as appossed to a known good one refitted,this would be something to certainly look into and see if it has had the turbo replaced along with the feed and retrun oil lines..intercooler can be an issue too - the usual signs of failure is of course the turbo sounding louder than it should - although it is quite acceptable to hear faint whine as the revs increase.if its very noticable the trubo being louder aswell as excess smoke/power loss then of course your maybe looking at turbo problems..also check for any excess oil residue inside the intercooler pipe work aswell as the intake and too the insde the turbo once you remove the intake hose..and excess oil in there is a sure sign of seal failure - In regards XXXXX XXXXX EGR valve there should be one and will be bolted via 2 bolts to the intake manifold..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include further info then just continue before you rate

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