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my old terrano S915 DJK has just failed its MOT test on ommisions,

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my old terrano S915 DJK has just failed its MOT test on ommisions, we had a new exaust system last year, but kwik fit have checked it and said it is working ok, Nissan have found no management fault, the cat convertor is ok but not working efficiently, it is miss firing on cylinder one, so needs to be investigated, however a vehicle of this age, to find the fault will be trial and error, and the cost will out way the value, however if possible we would like to keep the car as we have had it from new, have you any suggestions
Hi .

If you are having a misfire on Cylinder 1 then all you have to do is check this cylinder .here are a few items that will cause a misfire
and what one has to do .

First is a minor tune up if not already been done.

Improper spark plug
 Insufficient compression
 Incorrect fuel pressure
 The fuel injector circuit is open or
 Fuel injector
 Intake air leak
 The ignition signal circuit is open or
 Lack of fuel
 Drive plate or flywheel
 Heated oxygen sensor 1
 Incorrect PCV hose connection

Spark plugs (don't use Bosch)
Plug leads .or boots .
Then after doing this you will need to change over the No.1 injector with No.2 then recheck and see if the misfire moved to No.2 if the miss moves then you have a bad injector,

Get back to me if you need further assistance .

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Rgds Greg

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