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am so worried about my Nissan, it keeps cutting out especially

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am so worried about my Nissan, it keeps cutting out especially when I come to a stop or come to the traffic lights,it cuts out and I have to start it again, it worse in warm weather,and can splutter a lot and I can feel like today it wasn't getting full power when I was pressing the accelerator,i just wish I knew what was up with it,i hope its fixable :(



Hopefully i can help..


I asume you have a Nissan Micra or?


Any current warning lights come up since or prior to the fault?


What its mileage and very recent service/repair history?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hia thanks for getting back to me, yeah its a Nissan micra,the service history is upto date as it gets done everyyear by a friend who does it for me, there are no warning lights coming on,its when I slow down from drinving on the road and come to a stop, the mileage is 112 ooo miles :) and its a great car and I love it I have had it since new,so I hope it can be fixed :)

Hi..thanks for your reply..


Ok..first off it would be worth double checking around the engine/plugs/hoses etc are all fully connected just to be sure nothing popped off - next would to check or clean the throttle body they do have issues with these and can produce exactly the same symptoms as you have or desribe in some case having it replaced so may try having that removed cleaned as such- i would still even though you dont have any warning lights up a diagnostic test anyway just to be sure there are no logged faults codes

- i do hope this helps
Robert and other Nissan Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you very much I really appreciate that and I will get that checked yeah, my friend had a look at it and said there is a pipe that had a crack in it and wonders if it could be that and it is mainly when its in warm weather so thank you I will get that checked yeah :) can a garage do the throttle check for me do u know as I wouldn't know what to do u see :) and would it be expensive if needed replacing :)

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..


Might be worth at least maybe taping up that pipe over the split/crack tape and then test drive the vehicle and see if that solves the issue..if it does then you'll know where the problem is..yes any good local garage should be able to check that out for you as per the throttle body - but it would be worth too as suggested above to maybe scan for codes..I do hope this helps further