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Jake, Nissan Technician
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I have a question on the new Qashqai. I have ordered the 1.6dci

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I have a question on the new Qashqai. I have ordered the 1.6dci with CVT transmission. Some of the internet reviews are hair raising. I haven't driven the CVT yet. What reassurance can you give me that the transmission will be good for 10 years driving (the US arm of Nissan gives a very long transmission warranty - does the UK do the same?) and am I likely to experience some of the sensations associated with CVT, namely noise, and odd response when the car is under heavy acceleration or deceleration

Your (biased) advice would be most welcome
Phil Mitchell
Hi there, thanks for your question.

The CVT transmissions have proven they are reliable and nissans confidence in them was reflected in the warranty extensions they provided up until the year 2010. Nissan global still honors them with the traditional 5yr/60k mile warranty, but the 10yr/120k mile extensions expired in 2010.

The biggest complaint of most new CVT owners in the unfamiliar driving characteristics of them. Sometimes when engine braking they may make a short hum or you may notice that you cannot feel any shifting because of the design they use as a comes pulley versus actual shifting between gears.

Maintenance wise they are great, using a deteriation number stored in the TCM to determine when the fluid actually needs replaced instead of setting a mileage. This usually results in a longer time between maintenance intervals being necessary. Very rarely is a service needed at 60k like traditional transmissions.
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