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Our daughters Nissan Micra has just broken down! It lost power,

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Our daughters Nissan Micra has just broken down! It lost power, the battery light is flashing also it seemed that she lost engine power . Her model is a 2003 version with the round shape. It has just been got the starter motor repaired and last week it did not wanted to start despite letting enough fuel into the engine and with a long prolonged serious of starting we got it eventually going.
Please help !



Hopefully i can help..


Usually if the battery light starts flashing it can be down to a fault within the charging circuit..this can be anything from loose battery terminals "something to certainly check" / alternator fault either seized or failed to charge properly or wiring to it loose / alternator belt loose,snapped "check down the left hand side of the engine itself and see if the belts still there or loose" or problem on the charging wiring itself / main earth problem - the engine will likely loose power since the car will only really be running on its battery power alone if the alternator is at all those above would be ideally the best things to check first aswell as testing the alternator output and the main wiring to the starter considering that has been done fairly recently.If the RAC has ben called and havent turned up then it might be worth giving them another call to follow up with them - the location your at and when the patrol van is expected to turn up to the car.I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello , the RAC had turned up and they could not find any problems with it but on the way home our daughter experienced the same fault again.

The headlight did not dimmed nor a loss of electrics .




Ok..well that would maybe rule out the alternator if they tested that..are there any other lights on apart from just the battery light?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Occasionally , the battery light was flashing ( twice flashing , than it was off for a long while ) but no other lights were illuminated !

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..certainly sounds electrical contact fault more so id say going by your description of event in regards to the battery light falshing and then not flashing..could well be loose connection somewhere that needs to be traced down..if it was more engine management side of things you would expect at least the engine warning to come up if the ecu had picked up on the fault..maybe loose connection to the main wiring to the alternator/starter itself considering when you had the starter replaced that might be the area to careful check around and the connections to that starter.if asuming that hasnt been checked wise yet..if not then it would be worth certainly ruling that out..