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M registered Micra getting an inch puddle in foot wells in

Customer Question

M registered Micra getting an inch puddle in foot wells in heavy rain. different sides depending where parked!

Has faithfully passed MOTs and so don't believe its body work underside. Rubber seal clearly gone on rear windscreen however although it has a sunroof no marks on the inside fabric which would expect if it was leaking from there.

had it pointed out leaf clutter can get in its way, this got cleared in autumn and still it didn't clear up. Garage that service it very trustworthy couldn't help said get new seals but I want to know how that much water got in the front!

Any ideas\thanks? Eg what cost to fix, where to look!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Jake replied 4 years ago.

Hi there, thanks for the question.


Generally when you see large amounts of water in the front floor boards it's coming from either the front drains from the sunroof, or from the cowl drains, or windshield seal itself.


For the sunroof you need just pour water in the front track and watch for it to dump behind the front fenders underneath the car. If you don't see any water draining then the drains are clogged and causing the water to drain in the front panel area.


For the windshield and cowl you want to run water across the windshiled and watch for leaking at the front floor boards. If you have water intrusion you need to pull the wiper cowl and check the drains as well as the bottom windshield seal.