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Hi, I have a 1996 Nissan Micra automatic that has recently

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Hi, I have a 1996 Nissan Micra automatic that has recently been serviced and MOT'd and usually works fine. I had a flat battery after leaving the lights on overnight so called AA home start service to charge it up again.
When the technician started and ran the engine I noticed he did in the Park gear, I pointed this out as I would have started and run the engine in Neutral, but he said it was fine. After the engine had run for quite a time he said it was charged enough to use and I tried to start the car again. There was a strange cyclical grinding noise I'd never heard before when I started up. He located this as the ABS pump. He disconnected the pump and the noise stopped. He said the car was still drivable without the ABS but I should get it looked at. My question is, could he have done anything which caused this ABS noise/problem out of the blue? It had not occurred at all before this event, I started off with just a flat battery problem and now I understand that the car may be a write-off if the ABS system has gone. I have booked it into a garage for next week, but am currently driving it with both the ABS light on and the NTVC (not sure if I got the letters right) light on as well.
Good day, the buzzing noise if the ABS is an indication of ABS activation. Now both the ABS and airbag systems are sensitive to low voltage issues. So if the battery is weak it can cause weird problems and initiate the warning light.

Now it sounds to me like you may already have a NEW battery which could indicate a fault elsewhere. Now the ABS I initialization is perfectly normal but if it continued and produced an ABS fault that would be a fault.

The vehicle can be started in park or neutral only. There is a safety switch to prevent starting in any other gear. So this is perfectly fine.

So was the ABS light on before he disconnected the ABS unit?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The light only came on after the technician disconnected the ABS unit.


The problem was that that the ABS unit made a grating noise when I switched the engine on after it was re-charged. This was a repeated noise like something scraping or grating on something else. When the technician detached the ABS unit the noise stopped.


The thing is, I had never heard this noise before, it only started after the re-charging. However, the technician said it meant there was something wrong with the ABS unit. I don't understand how this could have suddenly happened.


Judith, assuming the technician only boosted the vehicle to get it started and then let it run long enough to charge the battery, then he did nothing that would cause the ABS system to malfunction.


The technician is perfectly honest in mentioning that you can drive safely without it, but then you have the annoying warning lights that tell you the system is inactive because of a fault detected.


Without inspecting the vehicle it's almost impossible to tell exactly what's wrong with the ABS system, but repair can be costs can range greatly depending on where the fault is found.


For what it's worth though and ABS pump that is activating for no reason is usually not a good sign as it generally means the electrical unit in the pump is damaged and initiating activation.


Judith, i hope you find this information helpful and it warrants a kind rating on your part. If you need additional assistance please let me know.