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I have an intermittent gear change problem, some times it glides

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I have an intermittent gear change problem, some times it glides lovely into gear then it had to be shoved into gear, I had a new clutch fitted before Xmas, I've even changed the master and slave cylinders. Is the gearbox knackered?



Hopefully i can help..


Does this happen the difficulty in changing gears when the engines off or running or both?


Which gears does it seem to occur on more?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It happens when the engine is off and switched on, it can happen when changing into all gears

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..Might be worth at least maybe checking the linkages from the gearstick to the actual gearbox mainly at that end..maybe try greasing up that end and see if that improves the problem..especially so if the linkage connection,bushes at that end are siezing or maybe damage on removal.and maybe check that..another cause could be internal transmission fluid as per level..if that had been retopped up after the gearbox refit if fluid was lost during removal then that would be another area to have checked out..I cant really see it being the transmission itself as it would be unlikely for it to go or become fault in "all" gears usually it one or two goes or the gearbox starts to produce atlot of internal noise..if you have ensured the hydraulic side of the clutch release is fully bled through with no air bubbles..then as above those two areas would be the next move if you havent done so already..I do hope this helps

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