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My red engine light came on in my quashqui whilst driving at

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My red engine light came on in my quashqui whilst driving at speed. It then went off. It then came back on about 15 mins later when driving in traffic. Is the car safe to drive?



Hopefully i can help..


During or prior to this problem..did the car produce or suddenly experiance any performance problems/missfiring and such like?


Any unusual noises from the engine bay since this occurred?


As per safe to drive..are you considering using the car for any great distance etc?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No there have been no strange noises at all or any mis firing. I was flooring it a bit without realising (115ish mph) which was when the light came on. need to make a 300 mile round trip this weekend and just would like to know if it would be ok to drive. Hopefully will get to a dealership on Tuesday. The car is also due a service, would this have anything to do with it?

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok.The engine light in question is basically an engine management problem so can cover a multitude of possible particular with engine sensors/ecu monitored or controlled components in which if fault then the ecu will triggerand list a fault codes which your dealer will need to retrive and work with to solve that thing comes to mind we've seen before which can be quite common in regards XXXXX XXXXX turbo or boost control fault/Turbo pressure control solenoid..however without the actual fault code the ecu is seeing it hard to say exactly..If at all possible maybe see if you can get a good well equiped local garage to maybe run a quick scan on the car too see if the issue can be left as it is until such time as you can get the dealer to look at it..that maybe the best advice from here id say before you do that trip..obviously in any case with warning such as this it wouldnt be advisable to use the car on any such long trip.but if the car seems to perform well and you do have back up breakdown cover then it should be fine.but no the service interval wouldnt cause that light to come on..but do double check all fluids.oil/coolant etc..I do hope this helps

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