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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
Category: Nissan
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Experience:  self employed in the motor repair buisness 19years
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Hi Robert thanks for your advice I just wish kwik fit was as

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Hi Robert thanks for your advice I just wish kwik fit was as helpful.
They saud it was a CV joint but were unable to repair it due to lack
Of experience plus they were not able to say whether it was safe
To drive. I will be able to get a repair but not until the end of the
Month, payday. So are there any tell tale signs to indicate the

Hi..there again


Ok..Well its not un heard of as per the fast fit centre you far as how long you have on that cv joint..hard to say without actually seeing it myself as generally the only way to know how long it got is to have it visually depends on the severity of the wear in the joint - if the wear is bad/cv is clicking/knocking loudly to the point the cv is loose when tested for movement - then i wouldnt really advise using the car or at the very least only for nessesary journeys if need be.the problem being if the wear is too excessive then you could loose drive on that wheel the cv joint broke up or came loose - that loose end of the shaft getting jammed possibiliy preventing steering etc...if the wear is pretty minimul or just small amount of movement - again this is something they should of shown you to see how much play you've got in it - then as long you take it easy using the car then you should be fine and only use the car as need be..I do hope this helps further

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks again Robert you have saved the day & given me peace

Of mind


Hi..there Debs - glad to help..if you need to ask anything else then just ask or continue on this post..regards robert