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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
Category: Nissan
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Experience:  self employed in the motor repair buisness 19years
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Hi Robert.My Almera is guzzling fuel,more on a long journey

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Hi Robert.My Almera is guzzling fuel,more on a long journey than round town,and it's also losing power and juddering in higher gears.



What sort of service history does it have?


What mileage?


Any wanring lights come up since or prior to fault?


Do you smell raw fuel from the exhaust etc?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert.Bought car from a mechanic and was present when the new mot was done prior to my purchase.It has done just over 86,000 miles.The engine warning light came on prior to fault,and a fuel fault was flagged up.No-one could diagnose the actual problem,and the light has not come on since.There are no obvious fuel leaks. i.e. no patches on drive and no smell of fuel.

Hii..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..I'd probably check the condition of plugs/sparkplugs.see if any show signs of overfuelling on certain cylinders,one of the 4 will look differnat than other is a cylinder or cylinders are overfuelling maybe through fault injectors or coil issue weak spark as such..there can be many things to cause a rich running condition,from intake leak manifold..exhaust leak before lambda sensors so these sensors run out of spec (air mass or map-sensor) or fuel pressure way too high or injectors open all the time. air mass sensor- Then check wiring for short circuits- injectors or take injectors out and check spray pattern.i would suggest a garage check that being fuel etc.checking fuel pressure and what i stands at - fuel pressure regulator if fitted..i would imagine during mot under emissions test it might of thrown something up as you dont say wither that was the case or not..One other check would be to get it on live data and see what that throws up.I do hope this helps

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