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Nissan almera tino 2.2 se diesel drives fine on the motorway

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Nissan almera tino 2.2 se diesel drives fine on the motorway as soon as I get into city traffic....the engine makes a ticking noise, power loss and struggles to climb the easiest of gradients. If I pull over for few minutes turn off and restart the vehicle drives perfectly again? what could be the problem?

Is the check engine light ON when this happens .


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi Greg

no warning lights it usually starts fine i drive the 36 miles along the m1 no problems as soon as i get into built up city traffic it makes a ticking noise and goes slow! i notice smoke coming out when i try hard acceleration rat

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg

The check engine oil light does not come on, i've checked the oil levels and it seems fine. The car usually starts fine drives the 36 odd miles along the motorway with no problems. as soon as I hit city traffic(stop start etc) a ticking noise can be heard from the engine and then it stops responding to acceleration (goes slow). if I pull over for 5mins or so, restart the engine it drives fine again?

Hi Ken .

You have a malfunctioning management system , you need to be hooked up to a diagnostic scan tool to check for malfunction codes ..

If you can stop and restart the engine then it runs fine then you have a sensor malfunctioning so each time the management system comes across the bad sensor it will but you back into fail safe mode .

You need to get to a good shop that has the needed diagnostic tool to check for malfunction codes. When you have the problem do not switch off the engine get down to your local shop or dealer to get the system read for codes .

Once you have the codes then you will know what your problem is and what has to be done .if not then please get back to me.

Still having problem, then please get back to me for further assistance please use the reply button and not the poor or bad service ,this way i can get back to you or refer you to another expert if needed. After accepting you can still get back to me and there is no further charge

Kindest regards Greg.

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