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My Nissan Micra 0211 model broke down recently with a clutch

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My Nissan Micra 0211 model broke down recently with a clutch that had gone, I had only done 17000 miles but on self examination found that I was using the clutch to get into my tight fitting garage. I find that the car is very sharp on the acelerator but how can correct any problems I am causing


Hopefully i can help..

How long have owned the said car?

Do you ride or hoover the clutch alot to gain access into the garage?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The car is just 3 years old and yes I have without realising been riding the clutch round corners and to get intp my garage with only 31/2 inches clearance at either side of the pillars

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

bought new 3 years ago.

yes I seem to have developed a habit of using the clutch to get round corners and to get into my garage. I AM STILL AWAITING A REPLY

Hi..there thanks for your response..

Ok..Normally its unwise to prolong riding the clutch as this increases wear on the friction plate thus you may also experience slight burning smell can also damage the flywheel through heat damage in some cases - I note you do say you have very little access..obviously this would require some sort of riding the clutch to negotiate into your garage so maybe unavoidable..obviously its hard for me to say what other method to employ to get into the garage easier as i cant see the overall outlay or outside access situation you've got bar what you've mentioned already at the entrance..all i can suggest is to if you need to ride the clutch say - is too reduce the time you do so and allow the cars forward momentum to negotiate into the garage obviously accuracy is going to play big part in that -and to prevent using higher rpm if you do require to ride the clutch..if you need to stop for a period of time then try using the handbrake to hold the car before attempting to move off..

I do hope this helps further in some way..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then please do so before you rate
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