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My Nissan Pathfinder 2007 takes a very long time to start when

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My Nissan Pathfinder 2007 takes a very long time to start when turning the key and produces volumes of smoke. The mpg is also very bad except on a long journey. It has no detectable faults on the computer with any systems i.e injectors, glow plugs but it has been stated that the air mix may be incorrect? The mechanics are confused and do not know what else it could be. Can you help please
Hi .

1.When the engine does start what colour smoke comes out the exhaust .

2.How many miles on this engine .

3.When cold and you switch on the ignition how long does the glow plugs stay ON for .

4. how long does it take to start .

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Colour of smoke is grey.

Glow plugs 4-5 seconds.

Mileage is 139800.

How long to start took 8 seconds from initial turn of key.

Hi John .

Switch the ignition on wait the 4 seconds then switch off then back on for another 4 seconds do this 4 times, then try and start if you see she starts a lot easier then the glow time is not correct with the temp of the engine , when cold you should have 10 - 15 seconds , the grey smoke is diesel fuel that has not burnt off due to a cold cylinders and long cranking time and build up of fuel in the cylinder .

Did you check the glow time with a test light on the glow plug . or just by looking at the glow plug warning light ON the dash .which will not give you a true reading .

You have to connect a test light to the glow plugs directly then switch on the ignition
and check how many seconds the light is on .

But grey smoke is a cold cylinder that has not been heated uo correctly with the glow plugs . if you find they light stays on for over 8 seconds replace the glow plugs .if the engine has more than 60.000 miles replace the glow plugs .

If the glow plugs are new and the glow time is a few seconds have the system check for malfunction codes, possible bad glow plugs engine temp sensor .

Please get back to me with the reply button and not the poor or bad service so i can get back to you with further assistance with this issue
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have replaced the glow plugs with new ones in entirety and still have the same problem

Hi John .

With a test light connected to ground and the other side connected to the glow plug lead switch on the ignition , the test light should light up for 10 -15 seconds does it do this .

Did you do this, or tested the time with the instrument glow plug warning light .