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i have a nissan juke, no previous issues. I had two new front

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i have a nissan juke, no previous issues.
I had two new front tyres fitted 2 days ago, since then the abs light comes on alot on the dash & the brakes actually slow me down aound corners ..even when i am not braking !
I took car back to tyre place .. they checked and said the abs cable looked fine, couldnt see anything wrong.
is it likely as they suggested that it is a seperate issue from the tyres ? or are they just passing the buck ?
Hello, I hope the following assists you.
The first thing to check given that the problem wasn't there before they were replaced is the tyre sizes. Check the front tyres are the same size as the rear, the tyre sizes are on the side walls of the tyres.
If the tyres are the incorrect size this alters the rolling circumference of the wheel, the ABS can detect this difference in wheel speeds so detects it as a fault. If the car is slowing down when the steering is turned then check that the tyres aren't fouling the body on the insides of the wheel arches.
It seems very coincidental that the ABS light came on as soon as the tyres were fitted.
If the tyre firm insist there is no fault attributable to them then the only way to pinpoint this cause is to have a diagnostic check carried out on the ABS system and retrieve the stored code.
I hope this helps but if I can advise further let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.
Best wishes,
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