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Jake, Nissan Technician
Category: Nissan
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Experience:  Experienced collision repair technician, Pulaski Tech graduate and DSM hobbyist.
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I have 2007 Micra and recently was shunted from behind whilst

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I have 2007 Micra and recently was shunted from behind whilst stationery at traffic lights(handbrake engaged but in gear) at approximately 20mph by a BMW 3 series. At the point of impact I heard/felt something 'clunk' underneath the car towards the front. When I reported accident to my insurers, I described the obvious damage - i.e. slam panel of boot pushed forward by 1-2 cm which meant I couldn't shut boot because of the lock being out of alignment. I also reported the noise that I had heard/felt beneath the car.
The car went in for repair and was returned to me about a week later apparently repaired - certainly the obvious damage described above had been rectified. Due to the fact that I had fractured both of my thumbs near the wrist I didn't actually drive the car for further 10 days or so. Very soon (within a handful of miles) after I started driving I noticed that the car was very juddery and when changing gears it seemed as if no fuel was getting through unless I put my foot down more firmly on the accelerator. Slowing down/stopping in traffic/at roundabouts and lights wasn't fun as I had over rev the engine in order to try and avoid stalling the car!!!
I went back to insurance who arranged for me to take car back to garage. They put car on a diagnostics machine which initially showed no issue, however a second machine identified a stretched timing chain - apparently the chain was out by 5 degrees? The garage stated that the issue isn't related to the accident and that it's a common issue with Micras (and that I could confirm this by checking on Google)! When I asked the garage what the cost would be to rectify they stated that they couldn't tell me as they weren't mechanics and that they only dealt with bodywork repairs!
I don't have faith that the garage investigated the 'clunk' that I heard/felt and have finally managed to persuade the insurance to appoint an independent mechanic/engineer to look at the car next week. Do you have an opinion as to whether the timing chain issue could be as a result of the impact?
I purchased the car when it was 6-months old (ex demonstrator for main dealer) and it has now done just over 42000 miles and, despite the low mileage, has been serviced annually. Prior to accident, there were absolutely no signs of any problems.
Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. Apologies for my very obvious lack of technical knowledge!
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Jake : Alison, thanks for the detailed reply.!
Jake : while a timing issue can certainly cause the symptoms you described
Jake : it would be less likely for it to coincidently happen immediately after the wreck
Jake : then it would be for there to be an issue as a result from the wreck.
Jake : A couple things to note side it was a rear impact is that the exhaust runs from the front to back
Jake : And the clunk could have been from the exhaust, so don't keep that out of consideration.
Jake : A nissan garahe or a good mechanic could easily diagnose the chain though by simply watching the intake timing reading fluctuations
Jake : Let me know how else I can help. Thanks
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