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Nissan micra 2003. Over the last week I am having a problem

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Nissan micra 2003. Over the last week I am having a problem selecting 2nd gear. It won't select when changing normally. It feels quite springy and loose but will sometimes engage if double de clutching and pulling into gear firmly. It is similar when changing down. The gear is there and will drive but a problem finding it. All other gears seem ok at the moment. Your comments would be much appreciated


Hopefully i can help..

Does this same problem seem to occur with engine off and try going through the gears?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert,

As far as I can tell the gears engage when the engine is not running but we are now having a similar problem with the reverse gear. It will not engage unless first gear has been engaged initially.!

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..on these i recall have cable that you have two seperate cables from the gearstick housing that lead to the gearbox,selector arms..sometimes those can stretch or the bushings ends on the cables at the gearbox end certainly have those checked out at least well as too inspect the gearbox itself for any noticable oil be sure the problem you having isnt low oil level related which can cause this in certain do say however the gears seem to engage when the engines off..but not when the engine running..normally if that happens means that the clutch isnt clearing properly and thus makes it difficult to get it into gear since the gearbox is still getting drive from the engine..certainly if thats the case you either a problem with clutch assembly itself wearing or the hydraulic release in regards ***** ***** weak or failing clutch slave cylinder which is actually within the transmission bellhousing or a weak clutch master which is at the pedal..either need to be checked for leaks and can if prefered maybe have it re-bled to see if that improves it..I do hope this helps

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